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Hunan Herun bamboo was founded in 2021, located in Changde city, Hunan province. As we all know that Hunan is rich in bamboo resources, and the area of bamboo forest ranks second in China. Herun bamboo is specialized in producing high-end disposable bamboo cutlery (knife, fork and spoon), a young, innovative and future oriented enterprise who is closely following the development of science and technology. Our factory covers an area of 4,000 square meters, the production concept is one bamboo into the plant, all parts are 100% comprehensive utilized to achieve the maximum value. We are committed to creating natural, beautiful and functional products. 

Under the global trend of banning single-use plastic, bamboo has a long list of positive environmental attributes that makes it a superior alternative to single-use plastics. Bamboo knife, fork and spoon have been highly appreciated by customers relying on their natural beauty, high hardness, natural bamboo texture, no chemical addition and comfortable for use. As a versatile replacement of solid wood, bamboo is outstanding in protecting the precious forest resources. In fact, bamboo grows back after harvest without the need for replanting,which is a rare& significant advantage by its own natural characteristics. Due to the economic and social benefits of bamboo, and its rapid growth, high material hardness, super toughness, 100% biodegradable and compostable, bamboo has been used in an increasingly wide range of products.

China Bamboo Industry Association advocates: Chinese bamboo industry should walk the way to the Green & Recyclable & Low Carbon , and finally to achieve the sustainable development. 

We care about each one of you and our entire planet.

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