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Great carbon sequestration and emission reduction

"Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, making two important contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction." Dr. Fu Jinhe, Director of INBAR East Africa Office said. 

First, bamboo growth can fix carbon dioxide in the air and reduce the total amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It only takes 2-3 months for bamboo shoots to break the ground to grow into new bamboo with an average height of 10-30 meters, and the carbon sequestration potential is great. Moreover, the carbon sequestration effect of bamboo far exceeds that of trees. Generally speaking, trees need at least decades of growth before they can be harvested, but bamboos mature in 4-6 years and can be harvested. One study estimates that one hectare of bamboo and its products can store 306 tons of carbon over 60 years, compared to just 178 tons in a hectare of fir forest under the same conditions.

Second, Making bamboo into daily necessities can store carbon stably and avoid rapid release into nature. Bamboo is made into durable crafts, floors, building materials and more, and can store large amounts of carbon. From the perspective of carbon sequestration process, compared with conventional building materials such as steel and plastic, bamboo has a negative carbon footprint. That is, bamboo products not only do not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but also fix/reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Compared with other high-emitting building materials, the more bamboo is used, the greater the contribution to the mitigation of global climate change.

Compared with tree harvesting, the development and utilization of bamboo forests will not damage the ecology. A bamboo forest usually grows bamboos of different ages, and mature bamboos are selected when cutting bamboos. This determines that bamboo forest harvesting is often only 1/5 or 1/3. The entire harvesting process does not delay the growth of other bamboos, has little impact on the ecosystem, and will not damage the ecosystem function of the bamboo forest and wildlife habitats. A bamboo forest grows Hsinchu every year, and with proper maintenance, it can operate for decades or even hundreds of years. Some bamboo forests in my country have grown for thousands of years and are still being developed and utilized.

Single plastic cutlery may be small, but their collective carbon footprint is massive. In China, more than 50 billion plastic utensils are used annually. And most of them can't be recycled because of their size, shape, difficult-to-identify materials, and other chemicals added... These plastics end up in landfills, taking up space and release harmful elements to earth.

As more and more people become aware of how their comsumption behaviors affect the earth and enviorment, disposable bamboo cutlery have become to be a more superior alternative. But simply switching to disposable bamboo utensils isn't enough. It’s better for us to know that HERUN bamboo cutlery is made from sustainably sourced bamboo to bring a sustainable development on the earth.

HERUN's customers know they are getting high quality bamboo cutlery, and most importantly, they know they can get enough of it to meet their safety needs without worry. 

Safe, a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics, competitive costing and high-quality, direct delivery logistics, these are the obvious benefits should be received from the local Chinese factory in HERUN.

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