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disposable bamboo cutlery

brand:Hunan herun
material:100% bamboo raw material
size:17cm/ 14cm

superiority:serve cold/hot/oily foods with ease, eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, compostable, renewable resources. The best alternatives to single-use plastic and wood cutlery. It saves the earth and nature.

The best alternatives to single-use plastic and wooden cutlery for entertaining large groups in a casual setting. 

It saves the earth and nature.

It’s 100% compostable and biodegradeble, and bamboo is a grass, not a tree, so it grows very fast. You can harvest many bamboo crops in a year rather than waiting 20 years and clear cutting an area to harvest wood. These are rigid enough to use in place of metal cutlery and they look much nicer and comfortable use than plastic. A great alternative when you have more guest that you have these bamboo cutlery in your drawer.

The quality of these are top notch and high grade! The bamboo utensils support whatever food is on them which is a huge plus so it won’t cause a mess or spills. They don’t splinter at all and are the perfect size and shape. 

Tasteless of our bamboo set. The surface of bamboo is very smooth, there is no product debris, it is very suitable as a material for tableware. In addition, bamboo grows extremely fast and can be decomposed naturally. Environmentally friendly and easy to use, it's so attractive!

A suitable Lifestyle for your environmental protection awrewness. It is perfect durable and has clean and beautiful edges. It can replace traditional tableware and is suitable for any decoration indoors or outdoors. Perfect 100% for your dining table and kitchen look, backyard barbecue or camping trip;  and also Herun eco-friendly bamboo kitchen utensils are lightweight and easy to transport.

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