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disposable bamboo spoon

brand:Hunan herun
material:100% bamboo raw material
size:17cm/ 14cm
superiority:serve cold/hot/oily foods with ease,disposable bamboo spoon,eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, compostable, renewable resources. ​The best alternatives to single-use plastic and wood cutlery. It saves the earth and nature.

The best alternatives to single-use plastic and wooden cutlery. It saves the earth and nature.

The curvature of the spoon is good enough, you can drink soup safely, don't worry about sprinkling.

They are super lightweight and you can easily take them to anyplace, even throwing them in a backpack if needed without having to worry about the extra weight!
They are sturdy, and the knives are sharp enough to use a couple of times before having to move on to the next one. All of the utensils can be used multiple times without problem. When you finally get ready to discard them, you may feel better to know that they’ll biodegradable environmentally.

This is a very sturdy set of utensils. And the knife was still relatively sharp, sharp enough to cut through an pear. It's good to know that these utensils are compostable--especially if you're camping outdoors where it's not comfortable to bring a lot of metal tableware. It's also good to know that we can actually get along without plastic in this area of our lives. It would be even better if bamboo utensils were not more expensive than plastic ones. 

Reduce the use of single-use plastic tableware, starting from you and me, starting from bit by bit.





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