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disposable bamboo knife

brand:Hunan herun
material:100% bamboo raw material
size:17cm/ 14cm
superiority:serve cold/hot/oily foods with ease,disposable bamboo knife,eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, compostable, renewable resources. The best alternative to single-use plastic and wood cutlery. It saves the earth and nature.

The knife is sharp enough to let you cut your desired food, such as apple, steak ... rest assured, it is very worthy of faith.

100% natural and biodegardable and compostable – An Sustainable alternative to PLASTIC, PLA & WOODEN disposable cutlery. Live in comfort of single use & without the guilt of waste and polluting. Our bamboo is 100% BIODEGRADABLE & COMPOSTABLE. Compostable in an Industrial facility in 1-2 weeks & in your backyard in 4 weeks. BAMBOO will naturally decompose in just 3 years compared to Bio-plastic (CPLA) which takes 80-90 years and ends up in our Oceans & Landfills.

Superior quality – Guaranteed 100% Mao BAMBOO and polished to comfortable smoothness. No taste of WOOD with your meal. Heat or cold resistant, durable & more sustainable than Wooden, Bio-Plastic CPLA & Plastic disposable Utensils. 

Stylish and beautiful– Add a spoon full of class to any indoor or outdoor occasion with this disposable BAMBOO cutlery set. Convenient for picnics, parties, take away and fast food, outdoor or travelling. Most importantly it is conveniently throw them away without other strict contition.

Reduce the using of single-use plastic and disposable wood tableware, starting from each one of you and me, starting from bit by bit.





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