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disposable bamboo fork

brand:Hunan herun
material:100% bamboo raw material
size:17cm/ 14cm
superiority:serve cold/hot/oily foods with ease,disposable bamboo fork,eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, compostable, renewable resources. The best alternatives to single-use plastic and wood cutlery. It saves the earth and nature.

The tooth of the fork is sharp and deep enough, allowing you to get food easily.    

The supurior alternatives to single-use plastic or wooden cutlery. Disposable bamboo utensils, 100% Bamboo cutlery NOT Wooden cutlery, eco-friendly compostable Cutlery,100% Biodegradable Utensils.

Bamboo cutlery can be used anywhere. Take away and fast food, hote, school or work lunches, the big party, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, outdoors, holiday get-togethers, New Year’s Eve, camping, a picnic in the park... 

Yes, as you wish!

Bamboo cutlery is superior to wood. The oversized stick without a frozen treat, more commonly known as a tongue depressor in the hospital is made of wood. It is dry, rough and let you to imagine how dry, no moiture and unsavory to eat. Cutlery made with wood is almost the same. Bamboo, on the other side, is part of the grass family and has a smooth texture and no flavour. We want you to remember the delicious meal, and also the utensils you ate it with.





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